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With Edueed, get intelligent vehicle tracking software for all types of business. Our Fleet software gathers, stores, processes, monitors, report and then export the information to your mobile screen. This mobile-friendly software will be able to manage and process the tasks and events in all kinds of vehicles. Fleet owner can track the location, speed, fuel consumption, drivers performance, delivery time and can divert the migration of the vehicle in the shortest route possible. The real-time tracking process enables to insight vehicles performance including vehicle idling, reckless driving, Harsh braking and many. It alerts the driver if necessary. This warning lights will reduce increased downtime, loss of customer confidence, delayed deliveries and increases profit.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Control harsh driving & vehicle idling
  • Rank your drivers by performance
  • Stay updated with instant alerts
  • Improve efficiency and flexibility

Better results with Enhanced monitoring

Logistics and supply chain is simple when broken into small pieces. By using the advanced features of our fleet management software, logistics business can be handled easily by getting instant and more accurate data notifications. Whatever the total number of your vehicle, whether it's 10 or 1000, Monitor every vehicle movement and the driver behavior from the place where you are. The software is mobile-friendly and error-free. Starting from oil changes, tire replacement to other crucial fixes, set notifications for your vehicles maintenance and work items based on the time interval and odometer reading.

  • Monitor fleets & drivers in one place
  • Record driving to analyze factors
  • Track excessive cornering
  • Get notified about service alert
  • Enable speeding and accident alert

Intelligent cost-effective route-planning

Edueed tracking software enables the logistics to handle to track the faster, traffic-free and efficient route by allowing the geo-fence algorithm. Create a virtual geographic boundary around an area through GPS or RFID technology, enabling our software to trigger a response when the vehicle enters or leaves the field. Once the transport manager confirms the efficient route to reach the destination, he will update the route map to the software. Once established, the driver can view it later, anytime. By identifying the fastest and efficient route, EDUEED Vehicle tracking software helps to control the fuel expenditure, reduce fuel theft and reduces fuel wastage by 20%.

  • Get notified about route diversions
  • Record and play trip history
  • Reduce wages with flexible planning
  • Consider traffic, road condition, etc...
  • Fewer miles, less fuel consumption

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