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Guaranteed PEACE of MIND for all the stakeholders involved in school bus transportation.

Real Time Tracking

Power of GPS coupled with Artificial Intelligence for efficient real time tracking

Anytime Anywhere Access

The easy anytime, anywhere access with user friendly app keeps you abreast with your vehicles movement no matter where you are.

Geo Fencing

An alert is sent out every time when the vehicle enters or exits the Geo fence

World-Wide coverage

Power of GPS coupled with Artificial Intelligence for efficient real time tracking

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Ranking & scoring of driver behavior and Ranks best & worst performers

Fuel consumption tracking

Estimates fuel costs for wasteful habits & Monitors speeding, idling, etc

Event Alerts

With Live Tracking you get Live Alerts via SMS or Email which are generated at highest priority.

User-Friendly Interface

A simple and intuitive user interface provides powerful features, bird’s eye view of entire fleet

Highly accurate vehicle tracking

Our high precision GIS technology gives you high accuracy in locating your vehicles anywhere

Trip History

You can track all the trips made by the vehicle graphically on the map.

Our Popular Features

EDUEED is where professional minds turn for proven tracking software providers.

Geo fencing

Go Digital
with Edueed

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find actionable tracking device that gets results?”, you’re in the right place.

EDUEED, the best fleet management software that is fit with all types of vehicle tracking devices. Get a free trial and experience how EDUEED helps you to manage on-time deliveries, school bus tracking, increase vehicle utilization and improve profitability. So, try our Fleet Management software which performs an effective tracking system to trace your car, bike, truck, bus etc. Besides from real-time tracking, it allows advanced functionalities such as monitoring driving behavior, multiple analytics, and charts. Also, We provide 24/7 client support is open for all, anyhow your business is small or big, individual or commercial. We are here to assist you with the fleet intelligence.

Why choose our Fleet Management Software?

Manage Vehicles

Manage vehicle inventory (vehicle number and type), maintain specific maintenance, Licensing, Registration, MOT and tax, vehicle insurance and disposal.

Manage Employee

At an instant, you can manage your driver performance, Driver license management, logging of penalty points and infringements and booking system for pool vehicles.

Manage Orders

Ensure real-time tracking of your vehicle and get order delivery report instantly at your mobile screen. Deliver on time to your customers withEducationaleed fleet software system.

Manage Suppliers

With a robust monitoring system, Have a bird-eye view of your business and track vehicle speed, Vehicle idling, Reckless Driving, Harsh Braking, Excessive cornering, and many more insights.

Service Reminders

Starting from oil changes, tire replacement to other crucial fixes, set service reminders for your vehicles maintenance and work items based on the time interval and odometer reading.

Manage customers

Reach your customers at multiple locations and at the same time, reduce time and fuel consumption of the vehicle by ensuring better route plan and by maximum fleet utilization.

A complete system of record and Automation for your fleet

Edueed Fleet Management software gather, store, process, monitor, report and export info whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles and equipment.

Fast Delivery

Enable fast-delivery of products by 50% with instant driver alerts and instant route deviations from Edueed.

24/ Support

If you want to know more about our products, features, pricing or anything at all, we are here to answer your questions

Reduce Fuel

EDUEED Vehicle tracking software helps to control the fuel expenditure, reduce fuel theft and reduces fuel wastage by 20%.

Affordable Prices

Tracking behavior of EDUEED software helps you to track the costs more effectively and reduces 90% drop in summonses.