Features of our Fleet Management Software

Route Planning

In the planning stage of the route, the software plans the end and derive the fastest and efficient way to reach the target. A traffic-free route, the less-fuel consuming path will be taken into factor.

Track Driver Behaviour

At an instant, you can manage your driver's performance, whether they are harsh-driving, excessive cornering, Driver license management, logging of penalty points and infringements.

Accurate Reports

Get accurate and precious reports like vehicle's position, speed, ETA, MOT and tax, fuel consumption, faster routes, traveled route and vehicle insurance and disposal.

Geo fencing

Create a virtual geographic boundary around an area employing GPS or RFID technology, enabling our software to trigger a response when the vehicle enters or leaves the field.

Real-Time Notification

Starting from oil changes, tire replacement to other crucial fixes, set notifications for your vehicles maintenance and work items based on the time interval and odometer reading.

Error free details

The software not only provides instant notifications but provides error-free details. The manual school bus attendance system and collecting student details can cause significant errors.

Trip History

Once the transport manager confirms the efficient route to reach the destination, he will update the route map to the software. Once established, the driver can view it later, anytime.

Enhanced Security

The fleet management software is fully secured with individual security key. Other than the official handle, no other can intervene and change the current process of the vehicle.

Reduce Fuel

By identifying the fastest and efficient route, EDUEED Vehicle tracking software helps to control the fuel expenditure, reduce fuel theft and reduces fuel wastage by 20%.

Step-in notification

Step-in notification to parent and school admin: Get instant notifications and alerts whenever a school kid gets into the school vehicle at morning and evening sessions.

Tracking Management

With Edueed tracking software, official handle, Parents and school management can monitor and manage the live position of the vehicle with error-free notifications

Step-out notification

step-out notification to parent and school admin: Knowing safety is not enough. Practice it. Get alerts whenever your school kid steps-down the vehicle and tackle situations intellectually.

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