Track students activities everyday

Every day is a new day. You might not know exactly when your kids are stepping in and stepping out of the school vehicle. Every day, if, parents, as well as school management, gets instant notifications about the kids' location, how it looks like? If wow is your reaction, then Edueed is the perfect platform to reach this. Edueed provides many advantages to school management as well as parents, and some are as follows.

When a school kid steps into a school vehicle, the RFID in the ID card will be scanned and the instant notification will be given to the school management and school teacher via SMS. And after an hour or later, when the van reaches the school campus and the kid steps down from the vehicle, again as the scanner scans the RFID, the information will be passed to the respective ones.

Track school vehicle insights for better utilization

In schools, due to inefficient routes and disorganization, the vehicle expense for school management increases tremendously every month. We, a team of high-brow people, makes it possible to solve these problems. Our fleet management software enables the school management to view the insights of each and vehicles as well as drivers. They can measure and compare the location and speed of the vehicle, ETA parameters. By using our speed limit controller, drivers cannot drive the vehicles harsh and thus this ensure safety to your kids.

By using the real-time tracking system and route finding algorithm, it is possible for the management to send the shortest and traffic less route to the drivers. This software will reduce the fuel consumption thus reducing the overall expenses for each vehicle. This software will be able to manage processes and can provide details including the driver performance, vehicle idling, harsh braking, speeding alert, and an accident alert.

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